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Teaching - done right
Learning - made simple.

we are an ed-tech firm specialising in online learning for grade 6 to grade 12. Rubexclasses , offers live classes, online doubts clearing sessions with subjects experts & practice learing material.
Here is what you get at Rubexclasses.

Option to decide which concept you want to be taught.
Ability to choose the time at which you want a class to be taken.
Freedom to choose the number of live online classes you want.

Personalised one on one learning sessions with our subjects matter expert.
Option to clear doubts at any given time by directly communication with subjects experts.
WE are different
We are not subject matter expert, we are expert in YOU.
Technology offers you the ability to learn from an expert right at your desktop. But what's important is that the expert should not just be a subject expert. He should be an expert in YOU - i.e. he should understand your scope of learning, the purpose for which you are preparing your level of understanding. This is what we aim to deliver.
How we deliver value to you ?
We at Rubexclasses offer one-on-one classes on demand - when you want it, as you want it.
we deliver affordable quality education to all
Our products are all-inclusive; no one is left out we make learning easy for all.
We use technology as an enabler of education , bringing the disciplineonto your digital devices.




Dissecting Rubexclasses
The driving force behind creating Rubexclasses was to serve as a Reliable educator which is Universal, i.e. made for all, Blending modern technology with traditional pedagogy, to give you the best Educational Experience. And this is why we named it RUBEX.

What do our student say ?

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